Verify PAN by PAN No./ PAN Card Details by PAN NO.: If you have PAN No. of any person, you can verify the Pan Card details of the PAN Card holder with the PAN Number. Data (Pan Card details) printed on Pan Card may be different from the data in database of ITD.  ITD allows optionally different name on PAN CARD. Therefore also, even pan card holder may not be knowing about perfect details of his pan card as per ITD data base. Actually and in true sense,  meaning of the words ‘Know your pan’ , ‘Pan Card Verification’ , PAN Verification’ , Know Pan Card Details is the one and the same thing. During this ‘Pan Card Verification’  and ‘PAN Verification’, details of jurisdiction of Income Tax Officer also reflects and therefore, you can also  Know Your Jurisdiction. of ward of the Income Tax Department. But the scenario has been completely changed now, as government free service  has been discontinued.

Verify PAN by PAN No./ PAN Card Details by PAN NO.: Meaning of Pan Status and pan card status is all together different from ‘Pan Card Verification’  and ‘PAN Verification’. ‘Pan Status’ and ‘pan card status’ is the process to know the latest status of a Pan Card Application for New Pan Card, Correction Pan Card and Reprint of Pan Card whereas ‘Know your PAN, ‘Pan Card Verification’, Know Pan Card Details  and ‘PAN Verification’ is the process to know / verify any Pan Number or Pan Card holder. More ever, There may be difference in the name of a pan card holder in the Pan Card Data base and name printed on the pan card. Difference may be only in name of the pan card holder.  There can not be any difference in the name  of one word. Complete first & last name remains in pan database. Initial of middle name is also allowed in data base. On the pancard, only Surname / last name can also be printed . First & Middle name is not necessary to be printed on pan card. In any condition, pan number will be same on pancard & in pan database. Therefore, to verify pan by pan No. you should not be confused by  difference in Pan Card and PAN data base. 

Procedure / Requirements to ‘Know your PAN, ‘Pan Card Verification’, ‘Know Pan Card Details’  and ‘PAN Verification’ by PAN Number and to verify PAN by PAN No. : Before making Pan Card verification, you must check that you have 10 digit alphanumerical Permanent Account No. (PAN) of the Pan Card holder. First 5 & 10th digit are alphabets in capital.  6th to 9th  digits are numerical. For example – ABAPM5943K. On the next page, you have to just fill PAN No. > Capcha Code > Submit . Enter the PAN number, captcha image security code then click on submit button. You will get details of pan data including complete name  of Pan card Holder.  You will also get  details of his jurisdictional Assessing Officer (ITO). By this way, process to ‘Know your PAN, ‘Pan Card Verification’, Know ‘Pan Card Details’  and ‘PAN Verification’ by PAN Number will be complete very easily. But now, this free facility has been closed by Income-tax Department.

Earlier, ‘paid pan verification service’ was being provided through But now, we have started whatsapp based services through this website and through Now, any one can apply for verification of PAN by Number and Name through Whatapp also.

Since free service has been suspended by Income-tax Department, it is not possible to verify pan data free of cost. But, if you want to verify pan number of any person, you may click here under and proceed further.  अब यह फ्री सेवा  भारत सरकार द्वारा बंद कर दी गयी है. फिर भी यदि आपको कोई पेन नंबर वेरीफाई करना है  तो यही  नीचे  क्लिक  करे व आगे का प्रोसेस पूरा करे >  




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