Searchpan Search PAN, PAN Search by Name – If  any person doesn’t have PAN No. of any person, he can verify  Pan Number even by  name of that person. Searchpan can be made by just filling (minimum ) Last Name / Surname and Date of Birth of that person.  For perfect results, one should have more details including father’s name. In case of multiple results in the search for that person’s Surname & Date Of Birth in first round, one will have to fill father’s detail in second round but In case of single word (Only Last Name) of father’s name, further verification verification / search can’t be made if there are multiple results in first round. 

Searchpan, Search PAN, PAN Search – Please be cautious  for single word name. In case of single word name of any individual is treated as the last name / Surname only. Name of the  company, HUF, Partnership Firm, LLP, AOP etc, their complete name is treated as the last name only. Date of registration / Creation of company, HUF, Partnership Firm, LLP and  AOP etc. will be treated as their Date Of Birth.  Please read  following  Procedure / Requirements ( Minimum Requirement) for Verification of PAN Number  by NAME. 

1.Last Name / Surname of the person whose PAN is to be verified, 2. Date of Birth of such person,  3. First Name and Middle Name (Optional).In case of Multiple Results / More Details For Better Results, 1.Complete Name with First Name, Middle Name, Last Name / Surname of such person, 2. Date of Birth of such person, 3. Complete Father’s Name with First Name, Middle Name, Last Name and First Name & Last Name is compulsory. In case of single word (Only Last Name) father’s name, verification can’t be made if there are multiple results in first round.




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35 thoughts on “Searchpan Search PAN by Name

  1. Dear sir/mam,
    my pan no search urgently replay to my email id further details;
    vadakappanthangal village
    perungonji (post)
    Sholinhur (via)
    walaja (taluk)
    vellore (district)
    date of birth: 20/04/1985

  2. To,
    My name :ishwar rathore
    Father’s n.=radheshyam rathore
    V+p.=soyat Khurd
    District. Agar (malawa)
    Mobile. N.7566345071
    Det of birth :12/08/1991
    Mera penkard abhi tak ban ke aaya to sir please jaldi bhejne ki kripa kare
    Thanks ji

    • Dear Arun,

      इस वेबसाइट के सम्बंधित पेज पर जाकर अपना नाम व जन्म तारीख भरे. आपको अपना पेन न,. मिल जाएगा.

  3. Hi,

    I have applied for pan reprint as i lost my pan recently.
    I need a copy of my PAN Urgently. So, is there any possible way to get this??

    Please help me on this.


  4. Dear Sir,

    I have lost my pan card and I don’t know the pan number. But now I need it very badly.

    Kindly find the below details and please let me know my pan number.

    Name:- Dhananjay Vishnu Mishra
    DOB:- 28/07/1997
    Place:- Mumbai

    When I applied for pan card around 2 years before, at that time I got pan card as a minor with no photo on that.
    Please suggest

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