New-Pan-Card-Design-150x150 KNOW / GENERATE PAN NUMBER ONLINEIn case if you lost your PAN card and you do not know your PAN card number then no need to worry you can regain it through our website You can get the even pan number online without any cost. You can know pan number online even for third parties. Only few basic below mentioned information you will require for generating  PAN number online from the database of Income-tax Department : –

  1. Your Date of Birth as per PAN card : Date of Birth should be complete. Only year as mentioned in Election Card and Aadhaar Card will not be sufficient.
  2. Your Name as per PAN card :  In fact, only surname / last name  is sufficient. But for better results, complete name is always better. With complete name, results will be fast even to avoid multiple searches.
  3. Father’s name will also be helpful in case of multiple results : There are many common and identical names. Such multiple names creates problem is searching. In such circumstances, you will require complete father’s name for perfect result.

Just visit our site and enter the above mentioned information and you will get your PAN number online. Take the print out of the screen and now its time to apply for reprint of your PAN card . Visit to apply online. We hope you will find this information useful .

Please keep in mind that ‘Print Out’ is a valid proof of Pan Number. But, it is not accepted generally by many offices / organisation. In such circumstances, It is advisable to apply for reprint of your pan card. While applying for reprint of pan card, you can also apply for correction pan card. Rate / Charges and form  for Reprint of pan Card and Correction of Pan card one and the same.

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