Now-a-days GST is airing through out India. PAN verification in GST is also an important issue. In fact, GST Registration number (GSTIN) is completely based on Permanent Account Number (PAN NO.) of a dealer. GSTIN is a 15 digit alphanumerical number. Its first two digit is the state code (for example 08 for Rajasthan) and next 10 alphanumerical digits are the PAN Number of the dealer.

Thus, it is clear that PAN is having main role in allotment of GST Registration number  (GSTIN). This importance of PAN number has created a lot of problem during registration under GST Laws. Primarily on application for GST Registration number, PAN verification is made at the very first stage. In absence of PAN verification, a person can not get himself registered under GST Law.

Problems faced in GST Registration : Main problem was observed that PAN is mismatched while applying for registration under GST. In few cases, despite verified PAN, GST portal disapproves the PAN at later stage. Name On Pan Card  : A pan card holder may have two different names for Pan Card Record. One is the complete name in Pan Card Data base. Second is the name on Pan Card. These both name may be different. This difference creates the panic. Such facility of dual  is available only in case of Pan Card. Conditions for PAN Verification : Only condition for PAN Verification is this that the name in PAN Card database should be matched / verified with the name filled in / submitted in GST registration application. Name on pan card is not important if it is not matching with. 

Reasons For PAN Verification Failure :

  1. If the dealer has two different names and the name on pan card is used in GST application.
  2. If dealer wants Aadhaar based verification, name on Aadhaar Card and Name on Pan Card database is different.
  3. If there is minor difference in spelling and gaps in words of name.
  4. Dealer has applied for Pan Correction during this application process.
  5. If every thing is all right, there may be technical problem with GST portal.

puremaal-ad-1 GST REQUIRES PAN VERIFICATION Serious Problem ?

 Solution for Successful PAN Verification :

  1. During registration process, dont apply for correction in Pan Card.
  2. Check / verify correct name as per Pan Card data base.
  3. Use the name exactly as per Pan Card data base.
  4. If you opting for Aadhaar based verification, name and Date Of Birth should match 100% with Aadhaar Card also.
  5. Dont worry if your pan data is all rights but GST portal is mistaking.

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