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Any person in search of  Company Information / Data of any Indian company and LLP (Limited Liability Partnership), can get / obtain Information / Data relating to any company situated in any state of India and registered in India. In fact, this online paid service is being provided online by Moon Soft Technologies Private Limited through it’s parent website .  Company Information / Data includes almost all the documents relating to company which are submitted online to Government of India.

In fact, there is no limit and extent of information / data to be provided. However, there is one limit that only those information / data can be provided which have been filed / submitted by that company to respective Registrar of Companies online. If any persons wants to know the financial status / data of particular private limited company or public limited company, such person may get latest data and documents relating to that queries company. In case, latest information / data / document of a particular company is not available, that means that activities of that company are not genuine / disciplined and thus, it will give support to know the financial position of that company.

Moon Soft is providing following information / data / documents relating to Indian Companies online through with online payment facility –

Company Information – Primary data relating to Company and it’s Directors including Name of Company, Directors, Date Of Incorporation, Authorised Share Capital, Date Of Annual General Meeting, Registered Charges against company borrowings etc.

Company Documents – All financial documents such as Audit Reports, Annual / Final Accounts, Directors Report etc.

Company Name Search – By incomplete name of any company, full name of company or more than one company will be provided.

Director-Wise Company Search – List of Companies relating to a Director / person. You can just give the name of any person / Director and get the list of all companies in which such person is director.

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