As per latest notification of Income Tax Department, the extended date to link aadhaar to pan is 31.03.2018. Before this date, every pan holder have to link his PAN card with aadhaar number. In case, if you have not linked your aadhar  card to PAN  than you will not be able to file your Income tax return. To avoid this situation , please follow the following steps to know how to link aadhaar to pan  :

Step 1

Visit income tax department official website . In the left side you will find link Aadhaar under the quick links . Please click Link Aadhaar.

aadhaar-pan-link-1 HOW TO LINK AADHAAR TO PAN


Enter your PAN number, Aadhaar number, name as per aadhaar and click the button link aadhaar for verification. It will take few seconds to verify your aadhaar details from UIDAI (Aadhaar website) and if every thing is ok, your pan card will link to adhar card .

In case , if there is minor mistake than OTP will be required to verify your data. In case, If there is major difference in data like different date of birth in pan card and aadhaar card , then you will not be able to link your aadhaar with pancard.

Note : Please be cautious while entering your details. All the details should be perfect in all terms. Like your name , date of birth on pan card should match with your aadhaar database.

aadhaar-pan-link-2 HOW TO LINK AADHAAR TO PAN


List of pan centers and aadhaar centers

1. For PAN Center :
2. For Aadhaar Center :

However, you can also apply for the new pan card or correction in pan card through 

In case your pan card is registered at then you can not link your pan card with the help of above 2 steps. There is a different manner for registered pan holders . Please follow the below steps to link your pan card with aadhaar card :

Step One :
Visit income tax department official website . Click the link Login here and enter your login credentials .

aadhaar-pan-link-3 HOW TO LINK AADHAAR TO PAN

aadhaar-pan-link-4 HOW TO LINK AADHAAR TO PAN

Step 2

Just after login , you will see pop up screen with a heading of link aadhaar . Enter your aadhaar details like name as per aadhaar card and aadhaar number . It will take few seconds to verify your aadhaar details from UIDAI (Aadhaar website) and if every thing is ok, your pan will link to your aadhaar card.

aadhaar-pan-link-5 HOW TO LINK AADHAAR TO PAN

In case if you are not able to see the above image, please click link aadhaar option  under Profile Setting

aadhaar-pan-link-6 HOW TO LINK AADHAAR TO PAN


Enter your aadhaar details like name as per aadhaar card and aadhaar number and click Link Aadhaar and It will take few seconds to verify your aadhaar details from UIDAI (Aadhaar website) and if every thing is ok, your pan will link to your aadhaar card.

aadhaar-pan-link-7 HOW TO LINK AADHAAR TO PAN

By follow the above easy steps your can pan card will link with aadhar card

The NSDL guidelines for applying PAN card online.

(a) An applicant will fill Form 49A online and submit the form.

(b) A confirmation screen with all the data filled by the applicant will be displayed.

(c) The applicant may either edit or confirm the same.

(d) On confirmation, an acknowledgement will be displayed. The acknowledgement will contain a unique 15-digit acknowledgement number.

(e) The applicant is requested to save and print this acknowledgement.

(f) ‘Individual’ applicants should affix two recent colour photographs with white background (size 3.5 cm x 2.5 cm) in the space provided in the acknowledgement. The photographs should not be stapled or clipped to the acknowledgement. The clarity of image on PAN card will depend on the quality and clarity of photograph affixed on the acknowledgement.


In case Aadhaar number of Individual applicant is entered in the application form, then proof of Aadhaar along with supporting documents is to be submitted to NSDL e-Gov.
If copy of Aadhaar is selected as Proof of Identity/Address/date of birth, then it is mandatory to enter Aadhaar number.
In case applicant is ‘MINOR’, Aadhaar of minor should be mentioned in the application form. (i.e. Do not mention Representative Assessee’s Aadhaar number)
Aadhaar number (if provided) would be authenticated using applicant’s details as mentioned in application form.
(j) If communication Address is within India
(i). The fee for processing PAN application is 110.00[ (Application fee 93.00 + 18.00% Goods & Services Tax].
(ii). Payment can be made either by
Demand Draft
Credit Card / Debit Card
Net Banking

(iii). If any of addresses i.e. office address or residential address is a foreign address, the payment can be made only by way of Credit Card / Debit card and Demand Draft payable at Mumbai.

(1) If communication Address is outside India
(2) The fee for processing PAN application is 1020.00[ (Application fee 93.00 + Dispatch Charges 771.00) + 18.00% Goods & Services Tax].
(3). Payment can be made only by way of Credit Card / Debit card and Demand Draft payable at Mumbai.
(4). At present the facility for dispatch of PAN cards outside India is available for a select list of countries.

Things you should know about the Permanent Account Number (PAN) .

Sample-PAN-Card Things you should know about the Permanent Account Number (PAN) .What is PAN?

Permanent Account Number (PAN) is unique code that acts as an identification for Indian citizens, particularly those who pay Income Tax. It is also issued to foreign investors, hence it is not acceptable as a Identity Proof of Indian citizenship. It is issued by National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL), Indian Income Tax Department under Central Board for Direct Taxes (CBDT).
The PAN is necessary for financial transactions. High-value transactions, such as buying a house or Property, Receiving TAX payable Salary etc.

Duration of Issuing PAN.

New PAN card takes approximately 15 to 20 working days. Correction of PAN card take 30 to 40 working days; however this may vary depending on the authorities.

Why PAN is Required ?

PAN incorporates finding of false exchanges, diminish tax avoidance, straight forwardness in exchanges between purchaser and Seller.
PAN is required for the bulky transactions of the currency e.g. Billing more than Fifty Thousand Rupees.
Exchanging currency at Money Exchanging Kiosk requires PAN.
Depositing more than Fifty Thousand Rupees in a single day, requires PAN.
Duplicate of PAN is required to Sale or buy motor vehicles having more than two wheels (excluding side detachable car attached to two wheeler), while Buying or Selling any property it is mandatory to have PAN card.

Documents Required while Applying for a PAN.

  1. Voter Identity Card
  2. Driving License
  3. Passport
  4. Ration Card having photograph of the applicant.
  5. Certificate of Identity in original signed by a Gazetted Officer.
  6. AADHAAR Card issued by the Unique Identification Authority of India.
  7. Central Government Health Scheme Card.
  8. Bank Certificate in original on letter head from the branch.

AADHAAR Card is mostly preferred applying for a PAN .




Now-a-days GST is airing through out India. PAN verification in GST is also an important issue. In fact, GST Registration number (GSTIN) is completely based on Permanent Account Number (PAN NO.) of a dealer. GSTIN is  a 15 digit alphanumerical number. It’s first two digit is the state code (for example 08 for Rajasthan) and next 10 alphanumerical digits are the PAN Number of the dealer.

Thus, it is clear that PAN is having main role in allotment of GST Registration number  (GSTIN). This importance of PAN number has created a lot of problem during registration under GST Laws. Primarily on application for GST Registration number, PAN verification is made at the very first stage. In absence of PAN verification, a person can not get himself registered under GST Law.

Problems faced in GST Registration : Main problem was observed that PAN is mismatched while applying for registration under GST. In few cases, despite verified PAN, GST portal disapproves the PAN at later stage. Name On Pan Card  : A pan card holder may have two different names for Pan Card Record. One is the complete name in Pan Card Data base. Second is the name on Pan Card. These both name may be different. This difference creates the panic. Such facility of dual  is available only in case of Pan Card.   Conditions for PAN Verification : Only condition for PAN Verification is this that the name in PAN Card database should be matched / verified with the name filled in / submitted in GST registration application. Name on pan card is not important if it is not matching with. 

Reasons For PAN Verification Failure :

  1. If the dealer has two different names and the name on pan card is used in GST application.
  2. If dealer wants Aadhaar based verification, name on Aadhaar Card and Name on Pan Card database is different.
  3. If there is minor difference in spelling and gaps in words of name.
  4. Dealer has applied for Pan Correction during this application process.
  5. If every thing is all right, there may be technical problem with GST portal.

puremaal-ad-1 GST REQUIRES PAN VERIFICATION – Serious Problem ?

 Solution for Successful PAN Verification :

  1. During registration process, don’t apply for correction in Pan Card.
  2. Check / verify correct name as per Pan Card data base.
  3. Use the name exactly as per Pan Card data base.
  4. If you opting for Aadhaar based verification, name and Date Of Birth should match 100% with Aadhaar Card also.
  5. Don’t worry if your pan data is all rights but GST portal is mistaking.

No Sales on Sunday And Holidays According to the GST Rules?

No Sales on Sunday And Holidays According to the GST Rules?

A seminar (GST Solution Seminar) was organized  to resolve GST Problems by the Bharatiya Kardata Sangh, Sumerpur at Sumerpur (Rajasthan). A strange and prudent question was asked in Zero Hours of this seminar, ” Whether  According to the GST rules, the sale of goods has been banned on Sundays and holidays? 

GST Planning, GST Problems and Solutions, use of Police in Income-tax Search and Survey were discussed in this seminar held at  Sumerpur, Rajasthan. In this Seminar, Chief Guest of the program Mr. B.L. Chauhan, ​​GST registration of Gujarat Incharge Officer , Ahmedabad area, CA K. C. Moondra and CA Mukul Moondra  put their detailed  in the program. During the ‘Zero Hours’, a long question-answer session was caaried out in which a strange question was asked whether according to GST Rules, sale on Sundays and holidays has been banned?

In support of this question the questioner said that as per Rule 149 of Central GST Rules, a dealer can not sell goods  on Sundays, Recognized Holidays and Notified Holidays). In response to this question, CA Mukul Moondra explained in detail that through the Rule 149 of Central GST Rules , a  restriction has been imposed but this restriction is not against the general merchant. CA Mukul Moondra clarified that no such restriction has been imposed as it is being understood, therefore traders should not worry about it.

CA Mukul Moondra drawn the attention of all the participants towards the provision of rule 149 which is as under to resolve the confusion – 

149. Prohibition against sale on holidays.- No sale under the rules under the provision of this chapter shall take place on a Sunday or other general holidays recognized by the Government or on any day which has been notified by the Government to be a holiday for the area in which the sale is to take place

From the aforesaid provision, it clearly appears that on Sunday and holidays the sale of GST law has been banned so that traders are worried. This provision has also been inserted  in a hasty manner by imitating anything which has no justification. This provision also shows that there is a complete lack of seriousness in making GST law.

puremaal-ad-1 No Sales on Sunday And Holidays According to the GST Rules?

Explaining this rule, CA Mukul Mundra said that the said rule 149 under Chapter XVIII of the of Central G.S.T. Rules, 2017, comes under the head / chapter  “Demands and Recovery”, which is related only to outstanding demands and realization, which has nothing to do with regular business. This fact has been clarified in the provision of rule 149 which our readers can see, read and understand above.

This question was started with a WhatsApp messages, therefore, CA Mukul Munda warned all the traders that they should  not make any opinion on the basis of such Whatsapp messages. He also said that now-a-days, whatsapp has become a tool to spread any false and fake things and therefore, businessman should not believe such whatsapp message and they should take advice of their Tax Consultants.

Report : Manish Mewara

IMG_20170807_093937_221 No Sales on Sunday And Holidays According to the GST Rules?

Pan Card Name mismatches with Pan Card Database ?

Pan Card Name mismatches with Pan Card Database ?   

Subject of this post may be surprising for readers and pan card holders. But there are many chances that Pan Card Name may mismatches with the name in Pan Card Database. Therefore, it is important to know why Pan Card Name mismatches with Pan Card Database ? This mismatch may result into some serious problems some times and therefore, necessary precautions should be taken. इस रिपोर्ट का शीर्षक शायद आपको अजीब लग सकता है. लेकिन इस बात की काफी संभावना है कि पेनकार्ड पर छपा हुआ आपका नाम पेन रिकॉर्ड से नहीं मिलता हो. जिसके कारण आपके पेन कार्ड को एकबारगी फर्जी या झूठा माना जा सकता है.

क्या पेन कार्ड झूठा या फर्जी है – यदि पेनकार्ड पर छपा हुआ आपका नाम (Pan Card Name) पेनकार्ड के सरकारी  रिकॉर्ड (डेटाबेस -Pan Card Database) से नहीं मिलता है, तो जरूरी नहीं है कि आपका पेनकार्ड झूठा या फर्जी है बल्कि पेन कार्ड पर थोड़ा नाम अलग होने बावजूद भी, आपका पेन कार्ड सही हो सकता है.

दो मामूली अलग-अलग नाम सही क्यों  – हकीकत यह है कि पेन कार्ड  का आवेदन करते समय, आवेदक को अपने दो नाम आवेदन पत्र में भरने होते है. एक पूरा नाम सरकारी रिकॉर्ड (डेटाबेस -Pan Card Database) के लिए तथा दूसरा पूरा या छोटा नाम  पेन कार्ड पर छापने (Pan Card Name) के लिए. यदि कोई भी आवेदक दोनों नाम एक समान रखता है तो दोनों जगह बिना अंतर के एक ही नाम रहेगा. लेकिन यदि दोनों नाम कुछ-कुछ अलग है तो पेन कार्ड पर अलग नाम होगा तथा सरकारी रिकॉर्ड (डेटाबेस Pan Card Database) में अलग नाम होगा (जेसे – Ramesh Chandra Jain – Ramesh C Jain) इसी स्थिति में यदि आप पेन नंबर का कभी भी डेटाबेस के साथ मिलान करेंगे तो आपको फर्क दिखेगा. इस तरह से दोनों नाम सही होते हुए भी दोनों अलग-अलग दिखेंगे जिससे आपको कई जगह परेशानी हो सकती है.

समस्या का हल क्या है – यदि मिलान / वेरिफिकेशन (PAN Verification) करने पर फर्क आता है को घबराये नहीं तथा सरकारी रिकॉर्ड (डेटाबेस – Pan Card Database)  में उपलब्ध नाम को ही सही माने. लेकिन विवाद से बचने के लिए मै सभी पेन कार्ड धारको को निम्न दो सलाहे देना चाहूंगा –

  1. जब भी नए पेन कार्ड के लिए या करेक्शन के लिए या रीप्रिंट के लिए आवेदन करे, तो दोनों नाम एक ही रखे. मामूली अंतर के साथ भी दो अलग-अलग नाम उपयोग में नहीं लेवे. Always try to keep same full name on Pan Card as well as in database while applying for New Pan Card / Correction Pan Card / Reprint Pan Card.
  1. यदि वर्तमान में आपके दोनों नामो में फर्क है, आपको पेन कार्ड में करेक्शन / सुधार के लिए आवेदन करके, दोनों नाम एक समान (100%) करवा लेने चाहिए. If there is difference in both the names, apply for correction in name  on Pan Card and make both the name 100% identical.

Pan Card Details

Pan Card Details

pancard Pan Card DetailsPan card details mean  details available on Pan Card itself, details available in the database of pan card and the pan card details to be searched online. This also  includes verification of pan card details. How ever,  the pan card details to be searched online and the verification of pan card data / details is the one and the same thing.

The verification of pan card details from data base of Income-tax Department  : This is the process of online verification of pan card Data / details. Pan Card details may be verified online by Name of pan Card Holder as well as by the PAN Number. After completion of process as provided hereunder, one will be able to see Pan Card Data / Details such as PAN Number , Complete Name,  Area Code,  A.O. Type,  Range Code, A.O. Number, Jurisdictional Assessing Officer (AO). , Address and Email of Assessing Officer and the status of Permanent Account Number (Active Or Inactive).

The Pan card Data / details on Pan Card itself  :  Very limited details are available on the Pan card itself. Some details are quite different from data base. Presently, newly designed pan card are producing  by the Income Tax Department. Present Pan Card is in dual language of English and Hindi. However, Pan card includes the details such as PAN Number, Complete Name, Father’s Complete Name,  Date Of Birth,  Signature and colored photo of Pan Card holder.

Pan Card Data / Details Can Not be Verified : Any person can’t verify many details  of pan card holder such as  Father’s Name,  Date Of Birth,  Signature and colored photo of Pan Card holder. This is the precaution taken by government so that your very personal details should not be shared by third parties.





New-Pan-Card-Design-150x150 KNOW / GENERATE PAN NUMBER ONLINEIn case if you lost your PAN card and you do not know your PAN card number then no need to worry you can regain it through our website You can get the even pan number online without any cost. You can know pan number online even for third parties. Only few basic below mentioned information you will require for generating  PAN number online from the database of Income-tax Department : –

  1. Your Date of Birth as per PAN card : Date of Birth should be complete. Only year as mentioned in Election Card and Aadhaar Card will not be sufficient.
  2. Your Name as per PAN card :  In fact, only surname / last name  is sufficient. But for better results, complete name is always better. With complete name, results will be fast even to avoid multiple searches.
  3. Father’s name will also be helpful in case of multiple results : There are many common and identical names. Such multiple names creates problem is searching. In such circumstances, you will require complete father’s name for perfect result.

Just visit our site and enter the above mentioned information and you will get your PAN number online. Take the print out of the screen and now its time to apply for reprint of your PAN card . Visit to apply online. We hope you will find this information useful .

Please keep in mind that ‘Print Out’ is a valid proof of Pan Number. But, it is not accepted generally by many offices / organisation. In such circumstances, It is advisable to apply for reprint of your pan card. While applying for reprint of pan card, you can also apply for correction pan card. Rate / Charges and form  for Reprint of pan Card and Correction of Pan card one and the same.

PAN Verification With Aadhaar Verification For Fast Income Tax Refund

PAN Verification With Aadhaar Verification For Fast Income Tax Refund

Every income tax return filer (Assessee) claiming the refunds, wants to get fast income-tax refund after filing his income-tax return. On the issue of  Fast Income Tax Refund on PAN Verification with Aadhaar Verification, we will discuss in next paras. But it is basic condition to understand that refund can be claimed only after filing the income-tax return / ITR. Without filing the return for that particular assessment year, claim of incometax refund is not possible.

However, for getting the fast income-tax refunds, there are few tips which we will be discussing here. First, file the Income Tax Return (ITR) as early as possible. Now, Income Tax Return can be filed by four ways in different categories of ITR filers such as offline ITR, Online ITR by E-verification through Mobil No. and email account,  Online ITR by PAN verification through Aadhaar verification and Online ITR by with DSC (Digital Signature) . DSC can be used by any ITR filer-assessee but it is very costly affair and therefore, it is used only in case of compulsory DSC like company, partnership firm and Audit cases etc. Income Tax Return / ITR by E-verification is available if returned income is less than 5.00 Lacs and there is no refund. But, Income Tax Return by pan verification with aadhaar verification is available to all refund claimers.

Therefore, for the fast refund, firstly return of income should be filed online and secondly, it should be filed by Pan Verification with Aadhar verification or should be uploaded with DSC. If return is filed online  by Pan Verification with Aadhar verification or should be uploaded with DSC, Income Tax Return will be in the Que of refund at the moment, you upload the return . Such online return filing will result in to early and fast refund. You can click here to know your refund status.

Check Income Tax Refund Status

IT-Refund PAN Verification With Aadhaar Verification For Fast Income Tax Refund

PAN Verification – Aadhaar Verification

PAN Verification – Aadhaar Verification

Aadhaar Card and PAN Card, both are regulated and issued by the Government of India. Aadhaar Card is issued by Uidai, a government authority whereas Pan Card is issued by NSDL and UTI for and behalf of Income-tax Department of Govt. of India. Government of India is trying to make the Aadhaar Compulsory or valuable document for verification and therefore, various data base of different governments are being linked with Aadhaar data base. In this process, PAN data and PAN verification has also been made with Aadhaar verification.

There are total two actions of Income-tax Department, where Aadhaar verification is made with PAN verification. First, aadhaar verification is made when any person makes application for New Pan Card, Correction Pan Card and Reprint Pan Card using the Aadhaar Card as Identity Proof for Name, address and Date Of Birth. Here, if aadhaar verification fails with required Pan Data, then the Aadhaar Card will not be accepted as valid I.D. Proof. Sometimes, due to delay in updation of Aadhaar database, aadhaar verification fails. Therefore, while making the application for Pan Card, data in Pan Application should match hundred percent with Aadhaar Card and Aadhaar Data base.

Secondly, aadhaar verification is made when any income-tax assessee (ITR Filer) wants to upload his return of income online directly without using DSC (Digital Signature Certificate). Benefit of Pan Verification with Aadhaar Verification has been recently given to all ITR filers who has returned income above Rs. 5.00 Lacs or claims refund. Such assessees / ITR Filers can now, file the online ITR directly after aadhaar verification and without using DSC. If aadhaar verification is made with PAN verification successfully, assessee will directly get acknowledgement of Income Tax Return and he will not have to send ITR-V to CPC, Bengaluru. Therefore, all the pan card holders should make PAN verification with aadhaar verification well in advance to take this benefit. If verification fails, such assessee should get corrected his Aadhaar or Pan Card to match both the documents with each other 100%.



Aadhaar-New-288x300 PAN Verification - Aadhaar VerificationPAN-Card-new-design-288x300 PAN Verification - Aadhaar Verification