KNOW YOUR PAN CARD DETAILS :  You can know your Pan Card Data and verify pan card data is the one and same thing. You can know your pan data or verify the PAN Data of any other pan card holder. Any person including third parties can verify Pan card Details of any pan card holder.  Now, any  pan card holder himself can only  know about his Jurisdictional Assessing Officer / A.O.  / Income Tax Authority .

A pan Card holder himself can verify his PAN data by PAN Number as well as his name. Such pan card verification can be made with the help of PAN Number of relevant person even by third party.  However, partial  pan card verification can also be made by third party with the help of  Name of relevant person also. However, alone name is not sufficient. His Date of Birth will also be required.

Verify PAN CARD DETAILS / DATA : if you have Permanent Account Number (PAN No.) , you can know your Pan Card Data /verify Pan Card  data with the help of PAN NO. . If you do not have PAN No. of the relevant person, you can verify his pan data with the help of his name and Date Of Birth also if his PAN card was issued by NSDL. One can also cross verify the pan data with the help of  both  PAN number & Name of the pan card holder.

If you have any of the complete pan numbers then you can check / verify it. If you do not have any pan number, you can either find the pan name or its pan number from the full name and date of birth provided its pan card was issued by NSDL. But now this third party (other person) can not do the job of pen verification, but now it is possible through online pad service as the Indian government has stopped its free service (except the pan holder).

KNOW YOUR PAN CARD : Now, PAN data are not open to public for verification.  But still you may require to verify PAN while making financial transactions with such party or even for identification.  In such circumstances, any person can also verify  PAN Card details/ data to know the genuineness of such third parties. One can avoid transactions with such persons whose pan data are not verified. If the PAN data is not verified by the PAN Card holder himself, he should contact Jurisdictional Assessing Officer, NSDL & concerned higher authorities of the ITD or click here under to verify pan card details.